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Ferrari Enzo: The Fastest of the Fast

Enzo Ferrari How serious is Ferrari about their latest (and greatest) supercar? The answer is in the name: Enzo. Enzo Ferrari is the founder and driving force behind what is arguably the most prestigious car firm in the world. It's a move without precedent; in the past Ferrari model designations often reflected their technical characteristics or racing endeavors. In the case of the Enzo's two most recent relatives, the F50 and F40, the model designations referred to the number of years the company had been producing cars. How Enzo himself might view the label is speculative; when alive he generally avoided the limelight.

Ferrari Enzo Roots

Although the name is revolutionary, the concept behind the Ferrari Enzo is very much Deja Vu. The genealogy goes back to the 288 GTO, followed by the F40 and then the F50. In each case, the engine configuration followed the Formula One practice of the time. They also represented performance peaks for Ferrari road cars. Further in common is the dual purpose nature of the models; although street legal, they were also competent on the race track.
Ferrari 288 GTO Ferrari F40 Ferrari F50

Ferrari Enzo, Part II
Ferrari Enzo, Part III

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