History of a 1962 Austin Healey BT7 Mk II Restoration

Part Three

In 1994, I bought a restored emergency brake handle, used rear seat pans, a cut-out switch, and parcel tray. I purchased the parts to restore the front seats; new seat bottoms, and new foam for the seats and backs. In August 1994 I had all the bonnet, doors, rear deck lid, front fenders, rear fenders, and seat bottoms chemically stripped and de-rusted for $300.00.

Body work began in October 1994. As you can imagine, this part of the project took three times as long, and cost three times as much as originally planned. I have had three different people working on the body panels. There are many hundreds of hours in the final result. One of the rear fenders had twenty holes drilled in it, used to hold a previous repair together, that had to be welded. The driver's door had to have a replacement plate welded in. The aluminum shrouds required the most work, however, to remove all the dents and dings, and make the surface smooth again.

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