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Miura Zn-75 Part II

Considerable modifications were made on the Zn 75, most designed to showcase the use of new zinc technologies. Over 50 such changes were made, mostly interior and exterior trim items. They included a wrought zinc bumper, extruded zinc grill, wrought zinc door, dashboard wheel opening and hood trim, wrought zinc radiator and a zinc-sprayed muffler system.
Lamborghini Miura Zn-75
The most noticable change was the Targa roof modification. The aerodynamic ramifications were considered in the redesign; hence the lowering by 30 mm. of the roll bar behind the passengers heads to minimize drag induced wind buffeting. The louvers covering the engine compartment were eliminated. Switches normally located in the roof were moved to the center console. Other interior updates included a wrought zinc steering wheel, gear shift plate and a forged zinc gear shift knob. Structural problems which are significant when undertaking a coupe to open car modification were dealt with by strengthening the side members and a beefed up roll bar.
Lamborghini Miura Zn-75 engine Lamborghini Miura Zn-75 rear view

Lead may not be a material you'd find showcased in a lightweight high performance car, but the ILZRO did feature it in the Zn 75. According to the brochure, it was found in Dispersion strengthened lead fuel lines, Lead acid battery, Lead sheet urethane foam composition in the floor underlay, Leaded vinyl sheet (door insert), Lead filled sintered iron crankshaft bearings, Terne coated brake line tubing and the Tetra ethyl lead gasoline.

Lamborghini Miura Zn-75 matchbox model
Matchbox model of Zn-75

As a Bertone Targa conversion, the car was completed in early 1968 and exhibited in Brussels. The ILZRO then purchased it and their Zn 75 transformation was completed in May 1969 and sent on a promotional tour. It was offered by RM Auctions on August 17, 2002 at their Monterey California auction. The catalog estimate was $350,000 to $450,000. According to the RM Auctions web site, bidding reached $320,000, but it did not sell.

Miura Targa conversion
Photo courtesy of Roman Galysh, (©) of angelfire.com/va/miura/restituo.html
Miura Targa conversion interior
Photo courtesy of Roman Galysh, (©) of angelfire.com/va/miura/restituo.html
ZN-75 Miura postcard
Left: A number of Miuras were subjected to Targa roof conversions. An open Miura was an exciting idea, but structural problems raised questions. Right: Zn-75 as pictured on a postcard while on display at the Boston Museum of Transportation. Below: Miura Roadster as created by Bertone and before the Zn-75 conversion.
Lamborghini Miura Roadster

Miura Zn-75, Part I
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