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Zymol Value Package
Zymol Car Care Value Package #1

This car care package has everything you need to clean and protect your car! Start off with Zymol Concentrated Car Wash to give your car a thorough cleanin. Next, give it a gorgeous shine with Zymol Liquid Wax which you can apply when dry. Apply the Zymol Leather Care Cleaner & Conditioner to make your vehicle's interior looking like new and as good as the exterior! Finish it off with the new Zymol Detailer for absolute perfection. Includes All of the products listed below:

  • Zymol Natural Concentrated Auto Wash (16 oz.)
    Here is the solution for the car that needs extra care. Zymol Auto Wash is a combination of pure coconut bark soap and natural fatty oils extract heavy dirt to clean and care for your automobile.

  • Zymol Natural Liquid Cleaner Wax (16 oz.)
    Zymol Liquid Cleaner Wax is an easy to apply cleaner and polish containing nature’s most effective and expensive ingredients. This dual action, non solvent (based), all natural formula cleans and protects in one simple step. Liquid Cleaner Wax will remove minor scratches and oxidation. A combination of Kaolin Clays from Africa and gentle Almond Meal from California provide a safe and effective cleaning action for your car without abrasion. Pure Beeswax provides a water repellent finish.
  • Rated #1 Polish in the May 2000 issue of a Leading Consumer Magazine.

  • Zymol Leather Cleaner (8 fl. oz.)
    Zymol Leather Cleaner safely and effectively cleans fine automotive leathers and interior trim. It helps release the original fresh leather fragrance and removes everyday soils. Made from pH balanced mild biodegradable cleaning agents derived from nature. In addition, it is glycerin-enriched to prevent drying out leather. Spray and wipe convenience. 8 fl. oz.

  • Zymol Leather Conditioner (8 fl. oz.)
    Zymol Leather Conditioner contains a rich creme formula that helps protect against the drying effects of the sun, extreme temperatures and everyday use. It rehydrates and restores the natural luster and supple feel of leather upholstery. It conditions with nature's own vitamin E, aloe vera, neatsfoot oil, glycerine, and collagen. It restroes, preserves and protects leather seats and trim to bring back leather's natural moisture balance. 8 fl. oz.

  • Zymol Detailer Spray (16 Oz)
    This product is must for any vehicle owner who takes pride in their possessions. Detailing your car with this product is guaranteed to turn heads as you drive down your street.