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GENERIC/ CAR CARE/ POLISHES Novus Plastic Cleaner Kit

Great for use on convertible top rear plastic windows!

POLISH/CLEANER AND SCRATCH REMOVER KIT AND DEEP SCRATCH REMOVER Easy-to-use, low-cost way to keep almost anything made of plastic, acrylic, vinyl or fiberglass looking great! Great for motorcycle windshields and visors, safety goggles and helmets Also works on convertible and Jeep windows. Two-part restoration/maintenance system includes Novus Polish/Cleaner and Novus Scratch Remover. POLISH/CLEANER. Cleans without scratching. Leaves a long-lasting shine that repels dirt, resists fog-ups and prevents static. Also adds a protective shield that resists smears and smudges. Nontoxic and nonabrasive. 8-oz. bottle. SCRATCH REMOVER. Removes (doesn't just fill in) fine scratches, hazing and abrasions. Restores discolored/faded plastics while adding a tough, scratch-resistant coating. 8-oz. bottle. Kit also includes one wipe and instructions. Not for use on prescription lenses. Novus Deep Scratch Remover (sold separately) helps remove deeper scratches and abrasions before using kit. Applications: All Makes All Models