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Has It Really Been 50 Years?

1953, 2003 Corvette
2003 was a special year for the Corvette. It had been in production for 50 years, a milestone by any measure. The success of the Corvette was a tribute to the fact that it never lost sight of it's original intentions: fast affordable fun with an abundance of style and pizzazz.

Corvette 50th anniversary celebration Corvette 50th anniversary celebration Corvette 50th anniversary celebration
Corvette owners celebrated the 50th with parties, caravans, a road tour involving conventions, Nashville KY, the Corvette Museum and the Bowling Green manufacturing facility. In 2002, Corvette was the honored marque at the Monterey historic automobile races in August.
2003 Corvette pacing the 2002 Indy 500
A 2003 Corvette paced the 2002 Indy 500. Although no pace car replicas were available, a Indy 500 decal package could be had for $495.00.
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